Is Crocheting Better Than Knitting?

Knitting and Crochet Needles

Last week, I asked a friend, “What’s better, crocheting or knitting?”

Here’s what she wrote:

Before diving into which is better the other one, how far do the two, crocheting and knitting, differ? Let’s check a little bit on the two. Crocheting and knitting are most confused by may due to their mode of projecting.

These two are based on the same basis for using yarn materials and needles but different approaches. Crocheting is where you have to use a single hook while joining some loops together in one single piece of work. On the other hand, in knitting, you have to use a pair of long hooks while making a set of loops; these loops have to be moved from one needle to the other for holding stitches.

Crocheting is better than knitting. When crocheting, you need to use one needle that makes your work easy to make patterns, but you use two needles on the knitting. Again, if you make a mistake in crocheting, you can pull out the yarn and fix the mistake, but in knitting, what is there is tinkering once you make a mistake.

To be honest, when I was learning these crafts, knitting came to me a lot easier.  My sister, on the other hand, was really good at crochet but couldn’t knit worth beans.  My opinion:  If you’re just starting out, try them both and see what you prefer.  Fortunately, there are needles that can be used for both knitting and crocheting, making it less expensive to try your hand at both crafts.




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